Mechanican is a social network centered around engines. On this site, we want to promote the incredible cars, trucks, suv’s, motorcycles, tractors, boats and anything else people around the world possess with an engine. We also want to promote the incredible talents and skills of the people who repair these vehicles and work hard every day to ensure we can travel anywhere we want to. From all of us here at Mechanican, we hope you enjoy the site and help us build an incredible community together!

Robert Cress – Founder and CEO


Have Fun

If you can’t have fun and enjoy the workplace we believe the rest of our values will be very difficult to achieve. Our goal is to work hard and have fun in the process. Have FUN.


Faith and Family

We believe faith comes first and then family. Family time is the next most important in this life and you can’t be happy and have fun at the office if your work/family life is out of balance. We create a family type atmosphere at work as well.


No Fear

The fear of failure is something every person on this earth has to deal with at some point in life. We want to fail. Failing means we are giving it everything we have and then some. Failing means growth and innovation. Failing means we have no fear.


Never Settle

Strive for perfection and settle for excellence. Technology is changing at a rapid pace today and the only way to keep up is to constantly change and be different. We must separate ourselves from the competition. Never give up.


Honesty and Integrity

Being open and honest about everything is something we hold dear to our hearts. Honesty and integrity are crucial for a business to survive. We will be honest and keep our word in every circumstance.