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Where do I go to invite my friends and family?

Click on the "invite user" icon on top right of page, enter as many email addresses as you like but remember to separate with commas!

You can also enter a message and then click on the red button 'Send Invites'


The people you invited to join will receive an email confirmation with a link directing them to the site to create a username and password.

If they have not received this email then please contact us and let us know.

Changing Settings for my Profile

Click on top far right icon that displays your profile picture. If you do not have a profile picture it will display your initials.

Click on 'Settings'.

Change email address (account settings)

You will need to follow the steps to change your email and password.

Deactivate your account (account settings)

Click on 'Deactivate Account' button but make sure to read the Note first.

Privacy Settings

You can change your profile to 'Private' if you like where only a limited view of your profile is shown to others.

You can also allow your profile not to be shown as a suggestion to others.

Block Users (privacy settings)

Type the name of account you wish to Block and then click 'Block'.

Notification Settings

You can click the notifications you wish to not receive email notifications on.

Click the green buttons next to the definition of email notification and it will turn it off.

What does my home feed consist of?

Post Likes, Comments and Shares. Also Projects, Garage Items, Photos, and Videos.

In order to see posts on your home feed, the people you are following will have to post content. If they have not posted content yet then there will be nothing to see on your home feed. We suggest following many people and companies to help enhance your experience on MechaniCan.

Posting a Picture to Timeline

If you post a picture on your 'Update' feed we will automatically add it to an album called Timeline Photos. You can view these Photos in the Phots tab of the site.


You can post any photo you want to as long as it is not indecent content.

Photo Albums

Click on Add New Photo Album and it will allow you to create an Album and add photos accordingly.

Why can't I upload videos from my phone or computer?

This is not currently a feature yet but this will be coming in the near future. For now, if you want to post a video you must post a link from youtube, facebook or vimeo and the video will show up on MechaniCan.

Tagging People

This is currently not a feature but it will be soon. As of now you cannot tag a family or friend but you can mention someone's name by using @.


You can enter these on Projects, Garage Items, Companies, and anything you post on your Update Feed. They are all searchable with the search bar at top.

How do I post a cover image and photos?

Once you type the information of the item or project then you must hit the red tab called 'Create' which will upload your info and allow you to post your photos and videos.

What is the Files tab for in Garage Items?

Here you can post any information about your garage item. A manual of how it works or a study of how it performs.

What kind of Project am I supposed to post?

You can post anything you want to post in Projects. Any kind of Project you have, you can post there.

How do I send someone a message?

Click on the message icon on top right of your screen then click 'View All' this will take you to the main message screen where you can view all your conversations with users.

On this page you will click on 'New Message' on top left and then click 'Start typing participant's name'.

You do not have to be following a user to send them a message. You can send anyone a message.

Enter your message below and then click 'SEND'.

How do I search for something or someone?

Click on the magnifying glass at top right of page. Then enter any keyword, hashtag, hobby, interest, or specialty and it will show you all results for people, companies, projects, garage items, posts, and images containing that keyword.